About DJ John Roël

As a gifted DJ, John Roël knows how to manipulate any crowd. Whether he is easing them into a trance vibe with the sounds of techno, or lifting them up with pumping house, he knows how to rock a party!

DJ John Roël is an international DJ and producer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His unique vision of electronic dance music, combined with his talent, dynamism and experimental projects have acted as a springboard, propelling him to the forefront of house and techno global club scenes.

On his weekly Radio Shows, at Almere Omroep, in The Netherlands and BEG Radio, New York, USA he serves his crowd with underground Techno en progressive Club as well as EDM. At www.begradio.com he has 30.000 listeners and counting.

Born in Suriname, South America, I grew up completely under the influence of Soca, Kaseko (Surinamese Music), the full Caribbean flavour. My favourite song at the age of 6 was, “I want a piece of that big Bamboo”, whatever it means. I remember my Fathers’ box with Vinyl as if it was yesterday. And yes, every Sunday morning we were spoiled with the best of “Mighty Sparrow”, “Exille One”, “Cassave” and other popular singers and Bands of that time. Still today these songs move me.

At the Age of 22 I left Suriname, trying to make the best of live in The Netherlands.

I remember one Winters evening after visiting my Father, my brother and I were very bored, not knowing what to do that evening. We decided to visit a club where a nephew of ours had a gig. That is the evening I fell in love with House Music. As he was performing I had the opportunity to stand close to the booth and watch him handle the gear. THIS IS IT! This is what I want! After that evening I started visiting more clubs and I completely went crazy for this awesome music.

It was not until 2009 that I touched a CDJ for the first time in my live. I remember calling a DJ School and with a very trembling voice I told the guy my age, expecting a funny remark or rejection. The guy’s exact words: So What? My oldest student is 60….

The first song I used to Mix was Jlo’s: On the Floor.

My Favourite Dj/ Producers are Mark Knight and Roger Sanchez, The S-Man. I am crazy for Toolroom productions. But I also admire Armin van Buuren, Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Carl Cox to name a few. My Favorite styles are Progressive, Techno, Club House.

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